As we know 2013 is not the year of frequent AP performances but we have the chance to read about Allan Pettersson. Beside the German AP-book „Musik Konzepte“  there is another important publication I’d like to introduce. Per-Henning Olsson (musicology dep., Uppsala University, Sweden) wrote a dissertation on the symphonies of Allan Pettersson. It is an extensive book of 351 pages which examines the study years as well as the appearance of the symphonies between 1953-80 related to Swedish music life. Olsson discusses the style, pointing out tonality aspects and focuses on Symphony 2, 4, 5, 7 and 10. Olssons book is worth reading also because he is working close to Allan Pettersson sources in Uppsala – the „Allan Pettersson personarkiv“ is situated at Uppsala universitetsbibliothek.

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An abstract is available at Uppsala University Publications. The book can be ordered from Uppsala University Online Shop.

News: A third book will be released soon: Michael Kube wrote a biography which will be published in „Svenska Tonsättare“ series of the Royal Music Academy, Stockholm. A preview can be seen here.