2013, a year with books about Allan Pettersson : Per-Henning Olsson – En symfonisk särling

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

As we know 2013 is not the year of frequent AP performances but we have the chance to read about Allan Pettersson. Beside the German AP-book „Musik Konzepte“  there is another important publication I’d like to introduce. Per-Henning Olsson (musicology dep., Uppsala University, Sweden) wrote a dissertation on the symphonies of Allan Pettersson. It is an extensive book of 351 pages which examines the study years as well as the appearance of the symphonies between 1953-80 related to Swedish music life. Olsson discusses the style, pointing out tonality aspects and focuses on Symphony 2, 4, 5, 7 and 10. Olssons book is worth reading also because he is working close to Allan Pettersson sources in Uppsala – the „Allan Pettersson personarkiv“ is situated at Uppsala universitetsbibliothek.

2013-09-22 09.44.05

An abstract is available at Uppsala University Publications. The book can be ordered from Uppsala University Online Shop.

News: A third book will be released soon: Michael Kube wrote a biography which will be published in „Svenska Tonsättare“ series of the Royal Music Academy, Stockholm. A preview can be seen here.